Is ‘Numerical Identity’ qualitatively identical to ‘Qualitative Identity’?

I think the best way to present an argument for the non-objectivity of truth in reality is by taking 1+1=2 as an example since it is the simplest and most popular ‘fact’ considered to be ‘objectively true’ independent of individual perception and judgment. The trueness of the statement 1+1=2 depends on that of its underlying assumption, whichContinue reading “Is ‘Numerical Identity’ qualitatively identical to ‘Qualitative Identity’?”

Teaching an Objectively Correct Robot to Count

There are two characters in this story; Dave and Pixel. Dave is a scientist and Pixel is the objectively correct robot he created. Pixel has one arm that he can use to point at things. He’s as tall as his creator, and has wheels to move around. One day, Dave brought Pixel over to aContinue reading “Teaching an Objectively Correct Robot to Count”